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【Press Release】35th Asolo Art Film Festival Spotlights on the Contemporary Video Art and Dance from Taiwan

Press Release

35th Asolo Art Film Festival

Spotlights on the Contemporary Video Art and Dance from Taiwan


    The oldest international art film festival in the world takes place in the mountain town of the northern ItalyAsolo. In 1973, it was founded by Flavia Paulon, a significant figure of Venice International Film Festival. The 35th edition of Asolo Art Film Festival is coming around on September 10-18, 2016. The magnificent scenery of Asolo was fascinated by many Italian Old Masters, like Giorgione, Andrea Palladio, Paolo Veronese, Antonio Canova. This years festival will focus on Animae to concern about life, ecology and spirit. Taiwanese curator Yunnia Yang is invited to curator the focal theme video exhibition for the 35th edition, presenting the curatorial concept “Eco As A Verb”. The majority know about Most people know to love the planet and raise the environmental awareness, but there are big steps from awareness to actions. The green documentaries or contemporary videos here are nor to initiate another environmental activism, but to suggest that after watching these films each viewer may think what he can do by his own for the good sake of our environment to improve the current situation. There is no need to make any alliance, but to be touched, then just do it! Although the notion “Eco as a Verb” is proposed in the 35th Asolo Art Film Festival, we truly hope it can work in practice all over the world. The focal theme projectEco As A Verb includes five categories: Eco Creativity”, “Eco Apocalypse”, “Eco-Human Chain”, “Eco Mythology”, and “Special Focus: Dancecology.

In addition, the curator Yunnia Yang has receive great comments on the Taiwanese Avant-Garde Video ExhibitionTAIWAN VIDEAand the International Creative Video ExhibitionImagining Crisisfor the 34th edition. The film festival organizer ALA(Armonioso Labirinto Asolano) continues to invite her to curate the video art projectTAIWAN VIDEA2.0:Cultural Encounter, experiencing a culture in more internal ways instead of making a stereotype of it. Eleven videos will present the nomadic perceptions of these Taiwanese artists while they are travelling, studying aboard, having a exhibition or a residency in a foreign country. With the spirit of Baudelaire’s flâneur”, the cultural encounters of the artists cannot be put in words for the artists instill their own life experiences into this process of cultural encounters. In their artworks, viewers may perceive alternative cultural understandings, to overturn the cultural stereotypes given by this commercialized world, to encounter multiple cultures with sensibility.

Dancecology’s “ Flowing Landscape” as Opening/Closing Performances  

Fusing the notion of ecology into the contemporary choreography, Dancecology from Taiwan is one of the kind. Founded in 2009, the artistic director Peng Hsiao-Yin employs the concept of “Circulation and Coexistence” from ecological system to create organic movements, in the form of interdisciplinary arts to invite all the audience to experience the aesthetics coexistent with environment and space. For the 30th edition in 2011 , Dancecolgy presented “ Dancing of Time”, which spread out the energy of dancing all over Asolo. Just like an aesthetic reflection of a plant’s growing strength and nature itself. This works was favored by film audience and local inhabitants. In the 35th anniversary, Dancecolgy would like to dedicate to the metaphor of life color with the new work “ Flowing Landscape” as the opening / closing performances and “Whisper in Town" series, in memory of the spiritual leader of Asolo Art Film Festival –Attilio Zamperoni. Besides, since 2012 Dancecolgy explores the filmic language of Dance Video, continues to bring the ecological concern into videos. This edition will present six Dance Videos of Dancecolgy.

Dancecology flowing body brushes at the top of Rocca di Asolo in 2011


Internationally Well-Known Artists to Gather in Asolo for “Animae”

    The theme “Animae” of the 35th edition is so unusual to devote to the spiritual leader of Asolo Art Film Festival- Attilio Zamperoni, who passed away unexpectedly this June, in memory of his long-term efforts to glorify the significance of Asolo with the art film festival. Despite many difficulties, the festival team decides to overcome them and fulfill Attilio’s art passions as a flaming phoenix and gives out excellent programs this year. Following the 34th edition’s BRICS Art”, the team prepares the program of creative videos and interdisciplinary arts from the BRICS countries (Russia, Brazil, China, India, South Africa and Italy) to enrich international visions and multiple viewpoints. The Indian-born music maestro Zubin Mehta will be awarded with Asolo City Award for the Cultural Dialogue for his musical contribution. It will be screened the German film director Bettina Ehrhardt’s “ Allegro with Fire. The Musical World of Zubin Mehta”. The Indian film director Mike Pandey, who is well-known for his great devotions to animal protections, is invited to screen several representative films, including theGreen Oscaraward-winning film Shores of Silence - Whale Sharks in India. Besides screening the films in competition, there are special screening programs from AVIFF (France) , GO Film Festival(Brazil), and Russian film delegation VGIK.

Eco As A Verb
-    35th Asolo Art Film Festival Focal Theme Video Exhibition
Curator: Yunnia Yang

Artists: Marcy Cravat(USA)/Sergey Tsyss(Russia)/Tsui Kuang-Yu(Taiwan)/ Zhang Xu Zhan(Taiwan)/Rick Fisher(Canada)/AES+F(Russia)/ Lynn Estomin(USA)/ Isabelle Hayeur(Canada)/ Marie-France Giraudon(Canada)/ Michael Snyder (Peru, Brazil)/ Su Rynard (Canada)/Kip Andersen& Keegan Kuhn (USA)/Michael Matheson Miller(USA)/ Josh Fox(USA)/ Ali Alvarez (UK)/Albert Merino(Spain)/Jawshing Arthur Liou(Taiwan)/Dancecology (Taiwan)
Time : 2016/09/10-09/18
Venue: Eleonora Duse Theater in Asolo, Italy
(Please find Eco As A VerbScreening Schedule & Film Synopsis in the following articles of Blog )

TAIWAN VIDEA2.0:Cultural Encounter
The Taiwanese Avant-Garde Video Exhibition
Curator: Yunnia Yang

Artists: Tsui Kuang-Yu/ Chou Tung-Yen/ Huang Yu-Hang/ Wang Ya-Hui/
Chang Huei-Ming/Chen I-Chun /Wu Tzu-An /Pu-Shuai Cheng / Jawshing Arthur Liou /Cheng Li-Ming
Time: 2016/09/16 (Fri.) 21:30
Venue: Eleonora Duse Theater in Asolo, Italy

(Please find Taiwan Videa2.0 Film Synopsis in the following articles of Blog)




策展人楊衍畇策畫主題影展《生態作為動詞》、《TAIWAN VIDEA2.0:文化秘遇》

    世界最古老的國際藝術電影節在義大利北部山城阿索洛(Asolo),自1973年由威尼斯國際影展靈魂人物芙拉維亞.保隆(Flavia Paulon)成立以來,即將邁入第35屆義大利阿索洛國際藝術電影節(35th Asolo Art Film Festival),這曾經令喬奇昂尼(Giorgione)、帕拉底奧(Andrea Palladio)、維洛內些(Paolo Veronese)、卡諾瓦( Antonio Canova)等義大利藝術大師醉心不已的美麗山城,將於910-18日舉辦的藝術電影節以「精神」(Animae)為主題關切生命生態與內在靈性,台灣策展人楊衍畇(Yunnia Yang)受邀策劃主題影展,提出《生態作為動詞(Eco As A Verb)策展觀點,多半人都知道要環保愛地球,但知行之間天差地遠,這些喚起生態意識的紀錄片或當代錄像,並非是要掀起另一番環保社運,而是從每位觀影者從觀影的感動中思考自己能為我們的大環境做到甚麼可以小小改善現狀的愛護生態行動,無需串聯、只需感動與行動,儘管這項「生態即動詞」的想法在本屆義大利影展提出,卻希望能漸漸擴及全世界。生態主題影展包含「生態創意」、「生態啟示錄」、「生態鏈」、「生態神話」與「特別聚焦:舞蹈生態系」五大類生態子題,23部國際生態創意影片中不乏知名的當代藝術創作者,如俄羅斯AES+F藝術團體、西班牙藝術家亞伯特.梅里諾(Albert Merino)、台灣藝術家崔廣宇與張徐展、旅美台灣藝術家劉肇興(Jawshing Arthur Liou)等人,同時網羅全球矚目的生態紀錄片《乳牛陰謀(Cowspiracy)、《貧窮公司(Poverty, Inc.)、《地球的信差(The Messenger)、《蔚藍天使(Angel Azul)等作。

    此外,策展人楊衍畇於第34屆所策劃《TAIWAN VIDEA》台灣前衛影像展與《危奇觀》國際創意影像展深受國際各界好評,主辦單位持續邀請策劃TAIWAN VIDEA2.0:文化秘遇》(TAIWAN VIDEA2.0:Cultural Encounter),以11部台灣創作影像呈現創作者在旅行、留學、展覽、駐村等遊牧過程中如同波特萊爾(Charles Baudelaire)「浪遊者」(Flâneur)私密感知異國文化,創作者生命經驗反饋在這文化秘遇的過程中,觀者透過藝術家的創作細細咀嚼這箇中滋味,反轉我們被動接收大眾傳媒所塑造的文化刻板印象(Stereotype),而能積極感性地與多元文化秘遇。10位參展藝術家與所感知的異地文化包括崔廣宇(北極、紐約、巴黎、台灣)、周東彥(巴黎)、黃郁涵(芝加哥)、王雅慧(芬蘭)、張暉明(蘇格蘭)、陳依純(巴西)、吳梓安(捷克)、蒲帥成(捷克)、劉肇興(西藏)、鄭立明(台灣),鄭立明所導的《尋找木柵女」是唯一紀錄片,透過蘇格蘭攝影師約翰.湯姆生於1871年所拍攝最早原住民母子像探尋台灣島嶼歷史以及先民來源。


   將生態思維融入當代舞蹈的編創概念,台灣首推舞蹈生態系創意團隊 (Dancecology),成立於2009年的新型態複合式展演團體,藝術總監彭筱茵運用生態系中「循環、共生」的概念, 創造特殊有機律動,透過跨領域藝術的形式, 期望和觀眾一起體驗與環境、空間共生的美學。2011年第30屆阿索洛影像藝術節所呈現的時光蔓舞將舞蹈的能量遍布古城,猶如植物生長的力量與自然自成一個的美感相映,深獲影展觀眾與當地居民喜愛。今年第35 屆紀念周年,舞蹈生態系將生命色彩的隱喻體現在新作《流色山水》作為影展開閉幕表演。此外,自2012 年舞團創作延伸到舞蹈影像,持續將生態關懷意念融入在影像中,本屆影展亦將呈現舞團六部舞蹈影像作品。

國際藝術名家匯聚一堂  知名影藝學院率團交流

    本屆藝術電影節「精神」(Animae)主題極為特殊,為紀念甫於今年六月驟逝的影展主席阿提歐.札裴隆尼(Attilio Zamperoni),長期為影展生命的延續努力奔走,影展團隊視為永恆的精神領袖,毅然決定展現浴火鳳凰的精神繼續接棒,交出一張亮眼的成績單。延續上屆所發起的「金磚藝術」(BRICS Art)專題,策劃來自「金磚國家」(俄羅斯、中國、巴西、印度、南非與義大利)的創意影像與跨域展演,以豐富影展的國際視野與多元觀點。印度籍指揮大師祖賓.梅塔(Zubin Mehta)將獲頒阿索洛市文化交流獎表揚其音樂貢獻,影展放映德國導演貝提娜.艾哈特 (Bettina Ehrhardt)拍攝祖賓.梅塔八十歲誕辰的紀念影片;致力於動物保育的印度籍導演麥克.潘德(Mike Pandey)電影專題,映演榮獲「綠色奧斯卡」的紀錄片《沉默的海岸-印度鯨鯊》(Shores of Silence - Whale Sharks in India)。 除競賽片放映外,法國坎城藝術影展(AVIFF)、巴西戈亞納影展(GO Film Festival)、俄羅斯電影亦有專題鉅獻,俄羅斯國立電影大學(VGIK)、加拿大與巴西影藝學術代表團,將與義大利當地電影學院舉辦錄像藝術暨創意導演工作坊,並相互觀摩交流,正如影展的「精神」要讓新世代傳承並展現觀念新意。

-    35屆義大利阿索洛國際藝術電影節主題影展
Eco As A Verb
-    35th Asolo Art Film Festival Focal Theme Video Exhibition

策展人:楊衍畇(Yunnia Yang)
藝術家: Marcy Cravat(美國)/ Sergey Tsyss(俄國)/崔廣宇(台灣)/ 張徐展(台灣)/ Rick Fisher(加拿大)/ AES+F(俄羅斯)/ Lynn Estomin(美國)/ Isabelle Hayeur(加拿大)/ Marie-France Giraudon(加拿大)/ Michael Snyder (祕魯、巴西)/ Su Rynard (加拿大)/Kip Andersen& Keegan Kuhn (美國)/Michael Matheson Miller(美國)/ Josh Fox(美國)/ Ali Alvarez (英國)/Albert Merino(西班牙)/劉肇興(台灣)/舞蹈生態系(台灣)
時間: 2016910日至918
地點: 義大利阿索洛市Eleonora Duse劇院

TAIWAN VIDEA2.0:文化秘遇》臺灣前衛影像展
TAIWAN VIDEA2.0:Cultural Encounter
The Taiwanese Avant-Garde Video Exhibition

策展人:楊衍畇(Yunnia Yang)
時間: 2016916(周五)晚上9:30
地點: 義大利阿索洛市Eleonora Duse劇院

(Taiwan Videa2.0》影片介紹詳見詳見部落格下方)