2015年10月13日 星期二

TAIWAN VIDEA @ 34th Asolo Art Film Festival(2015.11.05@21:30/ Eleonora Duse Theatre in Asolo, Italy)

The Taiwanese Avant-garde Video Exhibition

Curator: Yunnia Yang

Curatorial Concept 

Film art is an important artistic expression in the contemporary visual culture. The charms of images dominate the lifestyle and way of thinking of our new generation. Among the Taiwanese contemporary arts, video art and experimental films enrich the visual aesthetics and symbolic meanings with their own critical character, originality and diversity. The internationally-awarded creative videos from Taiwan might become a fleeting glimpse of beauty. The curatorial project ‘ Taiwan VIDEA’ is to converge the creative energies and aesthetic features of film art, including video art, performance art, experimental films and animations, digital animations , animated MV, etc. The depth of these videos refer to many facets of human beings’ living conditions: the social roles and survival relations of the contemporaries (Tsui Kuang-Yu’s “The Shortcut to the Systematic Life: Superficial Life”), the spatial imagination of an individual searching for the freedom of his body and mind (Pu Shuai-Cheng’s “Secret Plane-Immense Floating”), the danger and paranoia of overexpanding self-consciousness (Wu Tzu-An’s “Disease of Manifestation”), a nutrition taken as a metonymy to criticize politicians devouring people’s future dreams with empty promises (Wang Ding-Yeh’s “Beef-Wonderful Promises”), the seriousness of the collective consciousness manipulated by the contemporary media (Zhang Xu-Zhan’s “Ritual of Cathode Ray Tube”), the representation of the poetic relations between human existence and urban enchantment by means of a imagery poem (Wang Deng-Yu’s “Character Creator”); and showing humorously the worries of a new generation of parents about raising children with an oriental folk custom (Rau Kao’s “Pick a Future”), exploring subtle transformations of  the landscape of our lives (Chang Huei Ming’s “Fragment Series”); singing the elegy of the gradual disappearance of the Taiwanese OEM factories caused by the transformation of Taiwanese economy (Chen I-Chun’s “Goodbye Little Factory”); with a new way of seeing to explore aesthetic possibilities of representing the oriental landscape painting (Wu Chi-Tsung’s “Landscape in the Mist”), with moving images of paysage to activate a viewer’s body and its spatial perception (’Paysage’ created by Chiang Juan-Hau & Christian Rizzo); criticizing the desire law of chasing after the ‘Progress’ deteriorating humanity(Huang Zan-Lun’s “Double”), and analogizing the images of the New Year’s Eve fireworks and a candle as a metaphor of the contradiction between the celebration of a country’s future and the sacrifice of martyrs (Ho Wei-Ming’s “Over My Dead Country”). The 13 creative videos from Taiwan will subvert the international audience’s impressions on the Taiwanese culture and arts, crossing over the boundaries of fine arts and pop culture. The issues of ‘ Taiwan VIDEA’ are not only related to Taiwan itself, but also to the contemporary problems in the world. Creative thinking with universal value is the fundamental necessity of avant-garde images with subversive power.

About Curator/ Yunnia Yang

Yunnia Yang has received the Master degree in Art History from St. Petersburg State University in Russia in 1997, and Doctor degree in Arts from National Taiwan Normal University with the thesis ‘Study on “the Paranoiac-Criticism” of Salvador Dalí’ in 2009, with which she was awarded S-An Aesthetics Award in 2010. During this period, she managed all kinds of exhibitions, performances, and art events for the institutions of arts, literature and culture in Taiwan. Since 2011, she has launched the long-term curatorial research on “The Postmodern Condition in the contemporary art of Russia and Eastern Europe” in cooperation with the following art institutions: National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow(Russia), the Executive Committee of “Night of Museum in St. Petersburg”(Russia), Agency for Contemporary Art (ACAX) of Ludwig Museum in Budapest(Hungary), Opekta Ateliers Köln(Germany), contemporary art institutions in Balkan region, Contemporary Art Foundation(Taiwan), National Culture and Arts Foundation(Taiwan) and Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government(Taiwan).This project will be realized in form of thematic exhibitions and monographs. Moreover, Hong Kong World Cultures Festival 2013 has been devoted to the focal theme “Lasting Legacies of Eastern Europe”, and has organized the exhibition “East+Europe: Eastern European Contemporary Art Exhibition”. Yunnia Yang has been invited to its international symposium “Imagination of Eastern Europe” as a guest speaker to share her two-year research and observation on Russia and Eastern Europe. Since 2011, Yunnia Yang has written several articles on the contemporary arts of Russia and Eastern Europe for Taiwanese art journals “Art Investment” and “Art Collection + Design”. The Chinese University of Hong Kong has invited her to write the keynote article “Constructing the National Mythology of Utopia: Development of the Russian Art in the Twentieth Century” for the University’s Bimonthly Review “Twentieth-First Century” of February 2014.

Besides the curatorial project “ The Apocalyptic Sensibility: The New Media Art from Taiwan” (WRO Media Art Biennale 2013, Taipei Fine Art Museum in 2015) introspecting our technologized civilization, Yunnia Yang concerns particularly about the influences of the contemporary visual culture and curates various creative video exhibitions. In 2014, she curated the International Creative Video Exhibition “Imagining Crisis” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei. This video project has toured around the contemporary art centers in Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria and Colombia. In 2015, Yunnia Yang is invited by the 34th Asolo Art Film Festival to curate the two video projects “ Imagining Crisis” and “ TAIWAN VIDEA: the Taiwanese Avant-garde Video Exhibition”.

1.  The Shortcut to the Systematic Life: Superficial Life
Tsui Kuang-Yu200210 min
2003 The 1st Taishin Arts Award “Jury’s Special Award”

Tsui Kuang-Yu transforms the idea of the biological term on mimicry into systematic adaptation and measurement toward various life circumstances in this work. To change one’s outfit according to the outside environment is like a chameleon-like camouflage, and it is also the shortcut to penetrate different living circles. The work connotes the absurdity of reflection on reality, and mocks on the schizophrenia caused by the changes of living environment.

2. Secret Plane-Immense Floating
Pu Shuai -Cheng20115 min 31 sec
2011 The 6th Digital Art Festival Taipei Digital video, First Prize
Pu Shuai-Cheg is meant to create multiple transparent planes for his video. It depicts a space where the main character moves and shuttles around. Remnant images of these motions come from daily routines, which accumulate to form another ego. It is a complete non-self who enjoys partial control over the body.

3. Beef-Wonderful Promises
Wang Ding-Yeh20114 min 42 sec
2015 Asolo Art Film Festival, World Premiere
Beef is a metaphor for the political promises that politicians give during the election. Those promises are often made to bring benefits to people, however, how many of them will really accomplish after the election? How much beef can we actually get in the end? 
4. Disease of Manifestation
Wu Tzu-An20119 min
2013 The 35th Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films, The Best Experimental Film

The passionate political manifestos or the small scale manifestations in our everyday lives, can be considered as the compulsory desire to maintain, to repeat, and to reproduce the manifestos, aiming to achieve an unachievable substance. The act of manifestation is to rupture with the present world and the compulsion to change it. Here comes the paradox between outward-looking and inward-looking perspectives of the notion of revolution, which is the initiation of this project, manifestations as the infectious psychosis.

5. Ritual of Cathode Ray Tube
Zhang Xu Zhan2011-20135 min
2012  The 7th Digital Art Festival, First Prize
Zhang Xu Zhan uses hand-drawn animation to express his views on contemporary Taiwanese media.The implied symbols in work are embedded in a torn open CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screen. The screen is laid out to serve as a musical score allowing the conductor to lead the people in the performance of a nonsense chant. United by a meaningless collective consciousness, they seem to suggest a passionate and ebullient orchestra, but they are actually an absurd and bizarre gathering. The artist mocks the incredible influence the media has over contemporary society and the way it stirs the emotions of the public.

 6. Character Creator
Wang Deng-Yu20064min 41 sec
2006  Single from Summer Lei’s album “The Light of Darkness”
The animated MV created for the Taiwanese singer and songwriter Summer Lei is a experimental creation of sound-image poetry. Wang Deng-Yu’s images imply that there are still endless stories in urban ruins for stories of human beings give a city life. Human beings are the most important element of a city. The more creative, imaginative human beings are, the more hopeful a city is.

 7. Pick a Future
 Rau Kao20107 min
 2010  The 5th KT Creativity Award Animation, Golden Prize
A young couple practiced the ancient "ZHUA-ZHOU" ceremony in order to find out the future of their child. With the subjective influence of the parents, what would the child pick?

8. Fragment Series
Chang Huei-Ming20122min
2013  The 8th Digital Art Festival, First Prize
“Fragment Series” consists of 5 single-channel video. The 5 segments of the screen include the burning candlelight among the scattered lilies on the ground, black hair and one foot covered by a pile of dry leaves, a walking clock on pieces of glass, curved-up animal fur hidden in the bush, and a dying fish lying down on the pile of rock by the riverside. The five scenes are endlessly sealed into a circulation of birth and death through the repeated flow of lighting and shadow on the scene. For the artist, all time represents the beginning and the end without ceasing. The artist transforms the birth, life, memories, and time into poetic sceneries through the images of the work. 

9. Goodbye Little Factory
Cheng I-Chun201010 min
2011 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art "Digital Ark", Digital Art Creation Project

"Goodbye Little Factory" is a triptych of endlessly scrolling images of OEM facilities that Chen filmed to record the dying days of this kind of industry. Their mechanical whirring and thuds are combined with simple childish notes to create something between a soothing lullaby tinged with Chen’s childhood memories, and a requiem.

10. Landscape in the Mist
Wu Chi-Tsung201210min 17 sec
2012 The 6th Shanghai Art Fair Int’l Contemporary Art Exhibition
2014 Solo Exhibition “Recalibrate”, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in Manchester, UK
This artwork is highly indicative of Wu Chi-Tsung’s thoughts on Eastern art, interjecting a little individualist imagination amidst the fluid lines and misty mountaintops of a traditional ink wash landscape.

 11. Paysage
Chiang Iuan-Hau &Christian Rizzo (France) 20103min 12 sec
2011 “Christian Rizzo + Chiang Iuan-Hau Joint Exhibition” , Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, MOCA Studio


In our life, we move around in our living space. Although our body move around in a three-dimension space, but our senses are not free without limitation.  During the process of moving, we can only focus on the passage in the way of a line.  Scene after scene like the backdrops on the stage, or scene board in the photo studios, maybe it is reasonable to doubt that besides this linear passage, other parts might benihility.  However, this could be just a second thought.  Most of the times, we are used to watch the scenes one after another in front of our eyes.  When some usual sight between the changing scenes happened rarely, we might be distracted, and stayed for a moment, and then back to the linear passage. 

12. Double
Huang Zan-Lun201512 min 55sec
2015 “The Apocalyptic Sensibility: the New Media Art from Taiwan” , Taipei Fine Art Museum
Double came into existence from the old Chinese food culture commonly uses animals’ organs into recipes to complement the corresponding organs in human’s bodies. The idea of this video is to question the belief of these organs could enhance weakened parts of human bodies and even spirits because they carry out similar functions in animals? Should we human beings multiply these powers as much as possible? How much do we need and what would we become once we started such an infinite complementary form?

13. Over My Dead Country
Ho Wei-Ming201311 min 11sec
013 “MADATAC 06” Award, Spain

This work transforms a fusion of the tragedy and the celebration; it also reflects the concerns of media monopoly, social and political predicament. Through the revelation of flame, will you see the historical process, repetition or ending? In the end, politics dominates art or art can transcend politics?